Hyperbolic Geometry, Spectral Geometry and related topics




April 15-19, 2019                    KIAS 1503

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The aim of this workshop it to bring together experts and young researchers to explore new questions and advances in the geometry and isospectrality of locally symmetric spaces. We will have a minicourse and five invited speakers, and each of the speakers will deliver two talks; the first one being an introductory talk, and the second one a more advanced research talk.




Misha Belolipetskiy (IMPA, Brazil)

Vincent Emery (Bern, Swiss)

Jeffrey Meyer (Cal State Univ, USA)

Andrei Rapinchuk (Univ of Virginia. USA)

Alan Reid (Rice, USA)

Lola Thompson (Oberlin College, USA)



Inkang Kim (KIAS)

Plinio G. P. Murillo (KIAS)