Lectures on Quantum Integrability

and Applications to Gauge and String theory


1423  19~21 Nov.

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 Supersymmetric gauge theories provide an important set of toy models to study non-perturbative phenomena, string theory predictions and QFT correspondences. In many cases, they display certain integrable features that reveal themselves essential for the derivation of exact results. The goal of these lectures is to provide a short and elementary introduction to the subject of quantum integrability, and to present its main concepts: Bethe equations, R-matrix, Quantum groups and Yangians, Yang-Baxter equation, Thermodynamical Bether Ansatz,..These notions will be introduced using standard integrable systems (e.g. spin chains), and then illustrated in specific gauge/string theory contexts.


Prof. Francesco Ravanini (Bologna University): Introduction to quantum integrability, factorized S-matrix theory and TBA
Dr. Antonio Sciarappa (KIAS): Quantization of integrable systems and four-dimensional gauge theories
Dr. Jean-Emile Bourgine (KIAS): Quantum group symmetries