The 8th KIAS workshop on particle physics and cosmology will be organized during Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2018.  

This meeting will cover a broad range of topics in particle physics and cosmology seeking for 

new and unconventional ideas for physics beyond the Standard Model.

We plan to have a number of invited overview talks on recent issues, and also welcome contributed talks from the participants.


Invited Speakers


Nicolas Bernal (Antonio Narino U)

Sandya Choubey (HRI)

Marco Drewes (CP3, Louvain)

Julia Harz (TUM)

Soo-Bong Kim (SNU)

Yeongduk Kim (IBS)

Hayden Lee (Harvard U)

Kohei Mukaida (DESY)

Keith Olive (Minnesota U)

Stephen Parke (Fermilab & KIAS)

Alexei Smirnov (MPIK & KIAS)

Haibo Yu (UC Riverside) 

and more


Organizing Committee 

Eung Jin Chun

Jason Evans

Pyungwon Ko

Hyun Min Lee

Takaaki Nomura



Hyosin Noh (hyosinnoh@kias.re.kr)