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The joint workshop between the Vermont Complex Systems Center and KIAS aims to bring together scholars from various disciplines, including physics, mathematics, computer science, social science, philosophy, and other fields, to explore the topic of higher-order network and hypergraph interactions. This interdisciplinary effort aims to connect the mathematical theory of higher-order networks with the rich ideas and theories from philosophy, sociology, and other humanities fields that relate to group interaction, collective behaviors, and social phenomena. The workshop will provide a forum for discussing the current state of research, identifying gaps and challenges, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas. The workshop also aims to advance the state of knowledge on higher-order networks and hypergraphs, promote the development of new methods and tools for analyzing and visualizing complex networks, and discuss the implications of higher-order networks in diverse contexts. Graduate students and early-career researchers will have the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from senior scholars in the field.


Structure of and dynamics on and of higher-order networks including nonlinear dynamics and hybrid phase transitions in synchronization, spreading, etc.
Inference problems on higher-order networks
Topological data analysis and persistent homology for higher-order networks
Group structure in privacy, consent, and social media
Philosophy of collective action
and more...



Room  8101 (Building 8, first floor) in Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Maps and directions)



This workshop is by invitation only, but scholars who are interested in the topic are welcome to contact the organizers for more information.


Invited speakers (click name for more information)

Young Sul Cho (JBNU)
Hoyoun Choi (SNU)
Randall Harp (Vermont)
Laurent Hébert-Dufresne (Vermont) 
Bukyoung Jhun (SNU)
Byungnam Kahng (KENTECH)
Cook Hyun Kim (KENTECH)
Jihye Kim (Korea U.)
Jung-Ho Kim (Korea U.)
Jongshin Lee (KENTECH)
Mi Jin Lee (Hanyang)
Wonjae Lee (KAIST)
Juniper Lovato (Vermont)
Byungjoon Min (CBNU)
Juyong Park (KAIST)
Alice Patania (Vermont)
Dahae Roh (Korea U.)
Yunkyu Sohn (SNU)
Gangmin Son (KAIST)
Jean-Gabriel Young (Vermont)




Laurent Hébert-Dufresne (Vermont) 
Deok-Sun Lee (KIAS)  
Kwang-Il Goh (Korea University) 



Vermont Complex Systems Center
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Korea University




Hyemi Kim (KIAS)  email: hmkim@kias.re.kr