Summer Institute for Theoretical Physics 2019
"Quantum Fields and Strings on Curved Geometry"

8th - 30th July, 2019 / International Conference Hall, KIAS

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This lecture series is also offered as a credited summer course at KAIST, PH489 (3학점, 주관교수: 이필진). Students who can take advantage of inter-university credit sharing programs, are strongly encouarged to register as a coursework, as well as registering here. Those who participate for university credits will be given priorities for free on-campus accommodation.





Tong, David (DAMTP, Cambridge U)

Yee, Ho-Ung (U of Illinois, Chicago)
Yi, Piljin (KIAS)





- Geometry of Yang-Mills Theories and Gravity 
- Renormalization as Partial Path Integral
- Effective Action and Anomalies
- Perspective from the Holography
- Quantum Matter and Black Holes
- Gravity from String Worldsheets





1 Semester of Quantum Field Theory or Equivalent
1 Semester of General Relativity or Equivalent







JeongEun Yoon