Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) will host an international workshop on "Topology and Correlation in quantum materials". Continuing the spirit of the first workshop of this kind in 2019, the current workshop aims to discuss recent theoretical development in topological phases and correlation phenomena in quantum materials.  


The workshop will take place in Busan on May 29 (Wed)- 31 (Fri), 2019 at the hotel Shilla Stay Haeundae. There is no registration fee, but for organizational purposes, interested participants are kindly asked to register on the registration page. 


During the workshop, participants can enjoy discussions in the comfortable climate of May in Busan. The participants are also encouraged to present a poster in the poster session, which will be held at 2-3pm on May 30 (Thursday).











Yong Baek Kim (Chair, KIAS and University of Toronto)

Gil Young Cho (POSTECH)

Sungbin Lee (KAIST)

Eun-Gook Moon (KAIST)





Invited Speakers 


Ehud Altman (UC Berkeley) 

Jung Hoon Han (SKKU)

Tim Hsieh (Perimeter Institute) 

Hosho Katsura (University of Tokyo) 

Takahiro Morimoto (University of Tokyo)

Sid Parameswaran (Oxford University) 

Moon Jip Park (KAIST)

Frank Pollmann (Technical University of Munich) 

Sri Raghu (Stanford University) 

Shinsei Ryu (University of Chicago) 

Masatoshi Sato (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University) 

Yi-Zhuang You (UC San Diego) 

Hong Yao (Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University) 

Mike Zaletel (UC Berkeley)







JeongEun Yoon l avecyoon@kias.re.kr