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The 23rd KIAS Combinatorics Workshop
will be held in KIAS on February 21-22, 2019.
(Main Organizer: Seunghyun Seo)

This workshop is organized as a special event "Winter School for Combinatorics".

  • Date: February 21-22 (Thu-Fri), 2019
  • Venue: Room 1503 KIAS, Seoul
  • Invited Speaker (Lecturer)
    Andreas Holmsen (KAIST)
  • Registration: If you want to participate in the workshop, please register at the registration page until Feb 1.
  • Support
  • (1) Meal: We provide all meals during the workshop to all participants.
  • (2) Accommodation:
    We will make a reservation for you at one of KIAS accommodation facilities on the basis of first come, first served. Please notice that you may share a room with other participants if the number of pre-registered participants is much larger than our expectation.

  • Topics of the Lectures:
    • In these lectures, we give an introduction to discrete geometry. Our goal is to reach some key results in the field by combining methods from linear algebra, topology, and probability.

      Lecture 1: Introduction of basic concepts and the Erdos-Szekeres polygon problem

      Lecture 2: Incidence problems

      Lecture 3: Geometric selection theorems and intersection patterns of convex sets

      Lecture 4: Counting k-sets and other open problems

      • Schedule 
        Feb 21, 2 pm ~ Feb 22, 3 pm (detailed schedule will be announced later)