The 10th KIAS Workshop on Cosmology and Structure Formation


Oct. 24 ~ 28, 2022 / KIAS 5F Conference Hall 

Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea


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      This workshop will be held at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Korea on October 24-28, 2022. This workshop aims to bring together worldwide researchers for open and active discussions about cosmological challenges to structure formation in the era of JWST. The JWST, a thirty-year-long project, is being commissioned for scientific observations. It is expected to provide a unique window to the unchartered universe after the first star formation and the exoplanets that are believed to host life or even the intellectual life forms.    

      We understand that we are now in the revolutionary era in cosmology and structure formation. Therefore, it would be necessary for researchers to meet together and discuss their recent findings and future prospect in each research field. The workshop program is made including theoretical cosmology, cosmological observations, computational astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution, gravitational lensing, and the artificial intelligence application to various astrophysical problems. We hope all the participants will enjoy the workshop, their stay at KIAS, and the panchromatic view of Korean autumn.


Workshop topics include:

  •       Observational cosmology in the far and deep field
  •       Multi-messenger astronomy
  •       AI in astronomy & astro-statistics
  •       Computational cosmology
  •       Cosmological challenges posed by observations
  •       Energetic phenomena in extragalaxies
  •       Large-scale structures and galaxy environments
  •       Theoretical cosmology








      The workshop will be hosted by the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Seoul, Korea. We will let the conference hall hold a maximum of 50 participants, which means that in-person attendance will be limited. The meeting will be available in a hybrid format for those who cannot attend in person to join virtually.   There is no registration fee for this workshop. The deadline for abstract submission is July 31, 2022. The registration for the online/on-site participation closes on September 13, 2022.  Please see the “Venue & Travel menu for updates on covid restrictions and protocols. For general information about the workshop, please check our conference booklet   




           Invited speakers          



Kyungjin Ahn (Chosun Unviersity)

Stephen Appleby (APCTP)

François Bouchet (IAP)

Corentin Cadiou (UCL) *:To be confirmed 

Bernardo Cervantes-Sodi (iRyA-UNAM)

Yi-Kuan Chiang (ASIAA)

Prava Chingangbam (IIA)

Haeun Chung (U. of Arizona)

Matthew Colless (ANU)

Patricia Diego-Palazuelos (IFCA)

Elena D'Onghia (Wisconsin)

Maret Einasto (U. of Tartu)

Daniel Fabricant (CfA)

Karl Gebhardt (UTAustin)

Brad Gibson (Hull) *:To be confirmed 

Raphael Gobat (PUCV)

Sungwook E. Hong (KASI)

Ho Seong Hwang (SNU)

Myungshin Im (SNU)

James M. Jee (Yonsei)

Donghui Jeong (PSU)

Yipeng Jing (SJTU)

Hyunsung Jun (SNU)

Xi Kang (Zhejiang University)




Sadegh Khochfar (Univ Edingburgh)

Chunglee Kim (Ewha University)

Ji-hoon Kim (SNU)

Benjamin L'Huillier (Sejong)

Clotilde Laigle (IAP)

Seong-Kook Lee (SNU)

Xiao-Dong Li (Sun Yat-Sen)

Hironao Miyatake (Nagoya University)

Teppei Okumura (ASIAA)

David Parkinson (KASI)

Ue-Li Pen (ASIAA)

Christophe Pichon (IAP) *:To be confirmed 

Michele Pizzardo (UNITO)

Joakim Rosdahl (CRAL, France)

Cris Sabiu (U. of Seoul)

Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez (UAM)

David Schlegel (LBNL)

Owain N. Snaith (Observatoire de Paris)

Jubee Sohn (CfA)

Edward Taylor (Swinburne University)

Yasushi Suto (U. of Tokyo)

Motonari Tonegawa (APCTP)

Fiorenzo Vincenzo (Hull)

Xiaohu Yang (SJTU)








  • Juhan Kim (Chair, KIAS)
  • Brad Gibson (Hull) 
  • Myungshin Im (SNU) 
  • Donghui Jeong (PSU)
  • Yipeng Jing (SJTU)
  • Christophe Pichon (IAP)
  • Arman Shafieloo (KASI) 
  • Keiichi Umetsu (ASIAA)
  • Xiaohu Yang (SJTU) 
  • Sukyoung K. Yi (Yonsei)
  • Ena Choi (Chair)
  • Fuyu Dong
  • Céline Gouin
  • Yonghwi Kim
  • Jaehyun Lee
  • Jaehong Park
  • Changbom Park
  • Ankit Singh
  • Yongmin Yoon



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