2024 Future Collider Seminar Series


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● Exploring the hadronic landscape, from model dependent to independent searches


2024/3/21 and 16:00~17:30

Link: https://indico.kias.re.kr/event/275/

Speaker: Dr. Anthony Badea


Abstract: Searches for beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics is in an exciting period of time. Years of searches at the LHC and other experiments are producing increasingly stringent bounds on the most theoretically appealing models. This has led to a paradigm shift in the LHC program towards more signature-based rather than model-based searches. The archetype of this approach is the search for an excess in the di-object mass spectrum, which has provided a fruitful history of discoveries, from the J/ψ meson to the Higgs boson. This approach is restricted to models with resonant production of a single particle, from which all the final-state objects are assumed to originate. However, many BSM models lead to non-resonant pair production which faces the additional challenge of assigning the decay products to parent particles in order to reconstruct masses. This challenge is further exacerbated in decays to high-multiplicity final states. We’ll discuss the compelling developments and experimental results to use machine learning to tackle this problem in model dependent and independent ways.