2018 Quantitative Life Science Workshop



October 15-18, 2018             Rm1503, KIAS, Seoul

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Venue: Rm 1503, KIAS, Seoul

Period: October 15 (Monday), 2018 ~ October 18 (Thursday), 2018


This is the exciting era of life sciences. As more and more quantitative data are available on the processes in life, we have great opportunities for modeling the living systems and unveiling what life is. This workshop will invite world-leading computational biologists, and promote discussions and collaborations among participants. We will cover various interesting topics in life sciences, and introduce how physics, statistics, and information theory are applied to analyze life.


Invited Speakers:

   Xiongfei Fu (SIAT/CAS)

   Kunihiko Kaneko (Univ of Tokyo)

   Tetsuhiro Hatakeyama (Univ of Tokyo)

   Tetsuya Kobayashi (Univ of Tokyo)

   Koichi Fujimoto (Osaka Univ)

   Leihan Tang (Hong Kong Baptist Univ)

   Pan-Jun Kim (Hong Kong Baptist Univ)

   Antonio Celani (ICTP)

   Vipul Periwal (NIH)

   Kyungreem Han (NIH)

   Changbong Hyeon (KIAS)

   Junghyo Jo (Keimyung Univ)

   Ji Hyun Bak (KIAS)

   Deok-Sun Lee (Inha Univ)

   Kyoung Jin Lee (Korea Univ)

   Kwang-Hyun Cho (KAIST)

   Jae Kyoung Kim (KAIST)

   Sang Hoon Ha (Chonbuk National Univ)


Local Organizers:

   Junghyo Jo (KIAS, Keimyung Univ)

   Changbong Hyeon (KIAS)



   Junghyo Jo (jojunghyo@kias.re.kr)

   Hye Mi Kim (hmkim@kias.re.kr)