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Date & Venue: Jan. 8 - 12, 2024 / POSTECH



Statistical mechanics provides a powerful tool for understanding macroscopic systems on the basis of microscopic laws governing the dynamics of their constituents. Its ever-increasing use is not limited to physical sciences but extends to as diverse subjects as biological and social sciences. This annual event is intended to provide graduate students and early-career scientists in statistical physics and related disciplines with the conceptual framework and analytical tools for advanced studies in statistical physics and interdisciplinary research.



In the 21st Winter School, we will cover three selected topics in statistical physics on complex systems. Three invited lectures will deliver 15 hours of lectures in total devoted to fundamental concepts and theoretical and numerical tools on the subjects listed below. The attending students are expected to participate in a hands-on group project to practice their own understandings on the subjects. Three lecture series (5 hours each) will cover the following topics :


- Stochastic Processes: an Introduction (S.-C. Park) 

- Network science: from the small-world into the real world (S. H. Lee)

- Understanding cluster dynamics in percolation and synchronization (Y.-S. Cho)


For pedagogical purpose, all the Lectures will be delivered in Korean.


School Lecturers

Su-Chan Park 박수찬 (The Catholic University of Korea)

Sang Hoon Lee 이상훈 (Gyeongsang National University)

Young-Sul Cho 조영설 (Chonbuk National University)



Dong-Hee Kim (GIST) *chair: dongheekim@gist.ac.kr

Jaesung Lee (KIAS)

Cheol-Min Ghim (UNIST & APCTP)

Hawoong Jeong (KAIST)



Korea Insitute for Advance Study

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Deep Hearing Corp.