KIAS Center for AI and Natural Sciences Workshop 


November 23 - 25, 2023          Commodore Hotel, Gyeongju

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                                    November 23 (Thu.)


Speaker Title
Min-hwan Oh (SNU)

Cascading Contextual Assortment Bandits

Jaeyong Lee

Finite Element Operator Network for Solving Parametric PDEs

Jun Sur park Physics-informed neural networks for learning the homogenized coefficients
of multiscale elliptic equations
Eunho Koo

Node classification in networks via simplicial interactions

Sangwoong Yoon

Generative Modeling is Imitation Learning

Geonho Hwang

Minimum Width for Deep, Narrow MLP: A Diffeomorphism Approach


                                    November 24 (Fri.)


Speaker Title
Dohyun Kwon (UoS)

De Giorgi's minimizing movements and applications of optimal transport

Jaewoong Choi

Generative Modeling through Unbalanced Optimal Transport

Yung-Kyun Noh (HYU) Addressing High-dimensional Biases in Information-theoretic Measure Estimators 
and Its Applications to Machine Learning
Yeachan Park A suboptimal local minimum exists in two-layer neural Networks 
with general smooth activation functions
Ji Woong Yu

Machine Learning Force Field (MLFF): Towards the Most Balanced Force Field


                                    November 25 (Sat.)


Speaker Title
Sungyoon Lee (HYU)

Understanding How Machines Learn

Yonghyeon Lee

Motion Manifold Primitives: toward diverse object-centric motion generation

Daeseong Yong

Physics-informed Neural Networks for Polymer Self-consistent Field Theory

Thomas Dieter Flacke

Uncovering doubly charged scalars with dominant three-body decays using machine learning

Jaesung Choi Unsupervised Separation of Deterministic and Noise Components 
in Time Series using Echo State Networks