Instructional Workshop on Class Field Theory



January 22-26(월-금), 2018                        KIAS 1503(월-목) 1423(금)

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Class field theory is one of the most important topics in the graduate years of (both algebraic and analytic) number theorists. However, due to its complicated nature, it seems difficult to swallow all the material at once. The goal of this winter school is to provide the participants with a thorough understanding of local class field theory from the ``basic". (Due to the amount of the material, we will leave global class field theory for the next chance.) We will focus on technical details. All the lectures will be given by Korean graduate students at various places. Also, each lecture will be given in Korean. Here, the ``basic" means one semester knowledge of algebraic number theory and the basic properties of the p-adic numbers.


The main references are Neukirch's Bonn lectures (for the cohomological description) and Yoshida's paper on local class field theory via Lubin-Tate theory (for the explicit description via Lubin-Tate formal groups).




     권재성 (UNIST)

     김대준 (SNU)

     김지구 (SNU)

     박준영 (Postech)

     이시우 (Postech)

     이영기 (Postech)

     임정환 (Oxford)

     정근영 (SNU)

     최준화 (Postech)



     최윤서 (KIAS)

     김찬호 (KIAS)



     김찬호 (

     김다은 (


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