Instructional workshop

on Iwasawa theory for automorphic forms (online)



December 19-22, 2022                                    Online 

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 ► Invited Speakers

     Francesc Castella (UCSB)

     Zheng Liu (UCSB)

     Xin Wan (Morningside Center of Mathematics)


Recently, there have been significant progresses in Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves and modular forms. Remarkably, these progresses have important applications to the cerebrated Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, one of the Millennium Prize Problems. The main goal of this instructional workshop is to go through many details of the recent work of Castella, Liu, and Wan on the Iwasawa main conjecture for automorphic forms on GU(3,1) (arXiv:2109.08375). In particular, this work plays an important role to establish the Iwasawa main conjecture for a large class of elliptic curves with supersingular reduction.


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 ► Organizers    

    Youn-Seo Choi (KIAS)

    Chan-Ho Kim (KIAS)



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