2024 KIAS Quantum Information Workshop

August 12 - 13, 2024  -   Rm. 8101, KIAS, Seoul

 September 26 - 27, 2024  -  허준이 수학난제연구소 세미나실

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Time Table


[August 12 (Monday)]

Invited talk 1. Hur Tak (Yonsei University): TBA

Invited talk 2. Wonjun Lee (POSTECH): TBA

Lecture 1. Jong Yeon Lee (UIUC): Quantum Codes and Many-body Physics of Information

- Part 1: Overview on quantum error correction and introduce various quantum codes, encoding, and decoding

- Part 2: Understanding fundamental error threshold in quantum codes and its connection to many-body physics

* Keywords: Quantum error correction, Encoding, Decoding, Decoherence, Single-shot decodability, CSS codes, Subsystem codes, Coherent information, Topological orders, Symmetry protected topological phases, SYK models


[August 13 (Tuesday)]

Lecture 2. Joon Hee Choi (Stanford Univ.): Quantum metrology and sensing

- Part 1: Introduction to Quantum Sensing Quantum sensing involves using a quantum system, quantum properties, or quantum phenomena to measure physical quantities. This lecture will introduce the fundamental principles, methods, and concepts of quantum sensing, aiming to foster collaboration between experimentalists and theorists.

- Part 2: Introduction to Quantum Metrology Quantum metrology is the study and application of quantum phenomena to perform measurements with greater precision than is possible using classical techniques. This lecture will introduce important recent advances in quantum metrology, focusing on experiments with programmable quantum hardware.

* Keywords: Quantum Fisher Information, Cramer-Rao bound, KL-divergence, distinguishability, trace distance (L1/L2 norms), MLE, Heisenberg Limit, Standard Quantum Limit, Quantum Projection Noise, Shot Noise, Shannon Entropy, Quantum Sensing Pulse Sequences.


[September 26 (Thursday)]

Invited talk 4. Byeongseon Go (Seoul National University): TBA

Invited talk 5. Gwonhak Lee (Sungkyunkwan University): TBA

Lecture 3. Kyunjoo Noh (AWS): Bosonic Quantum Error Correction


[September 27 (Friday)]

Invited talk 6. Ju-Yeon Gyhm (Seoul National University): TBA

Lecture 4. Kimin Park (Palacky University): TBA