KIAS Workshop on Combinatorial Problems of Algebraic Origin





                         July 14 - 15, 2020                        

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Today's mathematics is attracting more and more combinatorial approaches. In this workshop, the speakers will introduce a variety of leading combinatorial problems that are motivated by the study of algebraic objects. The target audience will include, but not limited to, graduate students and non-experts.




Invited Speakers

June Huh (KIAS/Stanford University)

Dongkwan Kim (University of Minnesota)

Myungho Kim (Kyunghee University)

Woong Kook (Seoul National University)

Kyu-Hwan Lee (University of Connecticut)

Li Li (Oakland University)

Dinakar Muthiah (IPMU)

Se-Jin Oh (Ewha Womens University) 

Sug Woo Shin (KIAS/University of California Berkeley)

Hideya Watanabe (RIMS/Kyoto University)

Meesue Yoo (Chungbuk National University)





June Huh (KIAS/Stanford University)

Jae-Hoon Kwon (Seoul National University)

Kyungyong Lee (KIAS/University of Alabama)






Bohwa Moon (