Survey Science Group Workshop 2022

Feb. 14 (Mon.) - Feb. 16 (Wed.) / High1 Resort

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SSG 2022 주요 장소


세미나실 : 마운틴프라자 2층 데이지홀

숙소 : F동,G동 그랜드호텔(컨벤션타워)



Workshop venue: Jeongseon High1 Resort (Mountain Plaza 2F Daisy Hall)

Accommodation: Mountain condominium F, G  / High1 Grand hotel (Convention tower)



The reserved accommodation is a mountain condominium close to the seminar room (Mountain Plaza 2F Daisy Hall). This is a condominium with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and two people are assigned per unit in principle. You can use the bedroom and bathroom separately, but the kitchen and living room are shared. If you wish to use a room alone, you can reserve a single type of hotel room at High1 Grand Hotel (Convention Tower). However, this hotel is pretty far (2.4 km) from the seminar room where workshops are held and also from the Mountain Ski House where meals will be provided, so you may have to go by car. Please refer to the map below.





High1 Grand Hotel(Convention Tower)