Workshop on moduli spaces, virtual invariants and shifted symplectic structures


June 20-30, 2023                             Soorim Cultural Foundation 204 /  KIAS 8101


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June 20-23, 2023

Soorim Cultural Foundation (Kim Heesoo Art Center), 2nd floor, Room no.204




June 26-30, 2023

KIAS Bldg.8, 1st floor, Room no.8101 



* There are limited seats in the lecture rooms *

If you have not registered, it may not be possible to attend the lectures  (especially for the school program).





Younghan Bae (ETH Zurich)

Arkadij Bojko (ETH Zurich)

Christopher Brav (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

Yalong Cao (RIKEN iTHEMS) 

Jeroen Hekking (University of Regensburg)

Benjamin Hennion (University of Paris-Saclay)

Yunfeng Jiang (University of Kansas)

Dominic Joyce (University of Oxford)

Adeel Khan (Academia Sinica)

Tasuki Kinjo (Kyoto University)

Martijn Kool (Utrecht University)

Woonam Lim (ETH Zurich)

Jeongseok Oh (Imperial College)

Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania)

Hyeonjun Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Marco Robalo (Sorbonne Universite)

Pavel Safronov (University of Edinburgh)

Michail Savvas (University of Texas at Austin)



Young-Hoon Kiem (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Hyeonjun Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)








Min-Ju Kim (