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28/2/2024  Prof. Ernest Ryu(Seoul National Univ.) TBA In Deep Learning, What Should Mathematical Theory Look Like? (Announcement, Zoom)


• 6/3/2024  Dr. Junho Choi(KAIST) TBA  (Announcement, Zoom)


• 13/3/2024  Ph.D.Candidate. Jaemoo Choi(Seoul National Univ.) TBA  (Announcement, Zoom)


• 20/3/2024  Prof. Tian Han(TBD) TBA  (Announcement, Zoom)







20/2/2024 Prof. Sungbin Lim(Korea Univ.) Score-based Generative Models in Hilbert Spaces (Announcement, Zoom)


17/1/2024 Dr. Seong-woong Cho (SAARC)  Deep Learning for Advanced PDE Solvers and Operator Learing (Announcement, Zoom)


4/1/2024 M.S.student Woojin Cho (Yonsei Univ.) Scientific Machine Learning: Solving Physical Problems with PINN and Neural Operators (Announcement, Zoom)


3/1/2024 Prof. Sungjoon Choi (Korea Univ.) Emerging Trends in Robotics: How can LLMs and Robotics be integrated? (Announcement, Zoom)


6/12/2023 Prof. Jy-yong Sohn (Yonsei Univ.) Lie Theoretical Advances in Efficient Machine  (Announcement, Zoom)


Nov. 23-Nov. 25, 2023 KIAS Center for AI and Natural Sciences Workshop (Announcement, Archive)


15/11/2023 Dr. Eren Mehmet Kiral (Keio Univ.) Lie Group updates for Learning Distributions on Machine Learning Parameters (Announcement, Zoom)


14/11/2023 Prof. Krzysztof Choromanski(Google Deepmind) Towards practical Robotics Transformers  (Announcement, Zoom)


25/10/2023 Dr. Yikun Bai (Vanderbilt Univ.) Sliced Optimal Partial Transport (Announcement, Zoom)


18/10/2023 Ph.D Candidate. Chang hoon Song (Seoul National Univ.) On the expressive power of neural networks(Announcement, Zoom)


20/9/2023 Prof. Sungyoon Lee (Hanyang Univ.) Understanding how machines learn (with a bit of random matrix theory) (Announcement, Zoom)


13/7/2023 Prof. Kyunghyun Park (Nanyang Technological Univ.) Uncertainty Modeling and its Well-posedness(Announcement, Zoom)


5/7/2023 Prof. Jihun Hamm (Tulane Univ.) Transferability of Large Pre-trained Classifiers  (Announcement, Zoom)


13/6/2023 Dr. Seewoo Lee (Univ. of California, Berkeley) HETAL: Efficient Privacy-preserving Transfer Learning with Homomorphic Encryption (Announcement,  Zoom)


7/6/2023 Prof. Daniel D. Lee (Cornell Tech) Geometry and Latent Representations in Machine Learning  (Announcement, Zoom)


2/6/2023 Prof. Youngjung Uh (Yonsei Univ.) Diffusion models and their latent space  (Announcement, Zoom )


11/5/2023 Prof. Dongbin Xiu (The Ohio State Univ.) Data Driven Modeling of Unknown Systems with Deep Neural Networks (Announcement, Zoom )


19/4/2023 Prof. Dohyun Kwon (Univ. of Seoul) Convergence of score-based generative modeling (Announcement, Zoom )


29/3/2023 Prof. Hyun Keun Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) Statistical inference as Green’s functions : Part 3 (Announcement, Zoom)


22/3/2023 Dr. Sangwoo Mo (ALIN-LAB @ KAIST) Robust Semi-supervised Representation Learning from Uncurated Data (Announcement, Zoom)


15/3/2023 Dr. Krikamol Muandet (Helmholtz Center for Information Security) The (Im)possibility of Collective Intelligence (Announcement, Zoom)


8/3/2023 Prof. Yung-Kyun Noh (Hanyang Univ.) Methods for Information Estimation and its Application to Machine Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


21/2/2023 Prof. Sungkyu Jung (Seoul National Univ.) Statistics for objects that can not be averaged, with a case study on the space of eigen-decompositions (Announcement, Zoom)


16/2/2023 Dr. Younggeun Kim (Columbia Univ.)  Recent topics on conditional generative model: statistical distance of conditional distributions and identifiability (Announcement, Zoom)


15/2/2023 Dr. Jeong Min Jeon (Seoul National Univ.) Statistical non-Euclidean data analysis: An introduction and some developments (Announcement, Zoom)


14/2/2023 Prof. Hyun-Keun Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) Statistical inference as Green’s functions beyond Bayesianism and frequentism(2nd) (Announcement, Zoom)


1/2/2023 Dr. Sejun Park (Korea Univ.) Generalization Bounds for Stochastic Gradient Descent via Localized ε-Covers (Announcement, Zoom)


25/1/2023 Prof. Hyun-Keun Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) Statistical inference as Green’s functions beyond Bayesianism and frequentism (Announcement, Zoom)


18/1/2023 Prof. Joonpyo Kim (Sejong Univ.) Statistical methods based on asymmetric loss (Announcement, Zoom)


23/11/2022 Dr. Yeachan Park (KIAS) Does a local minimum exist in a neural network with arbitrary activation functions? (Announcement, Zoom)


16/11/2022 Dr. Sandra Martin (MPI Leipzig) The Aging Brain in Semantic Cognition – Insights from fMRI and TMS (Announcement, Zoom)


9/11/2022 Prof. Yung-Kyun Noh (Hanyang Univ.) Concentration Inequalities (Announcement, Zoom)


Oct. 31-Nov. 8, 2022 ICTP-KIAS School on Statistical Physics for Life Sciences  (Announcement, Zoom&Lecture notes)


27/10/2022 Dr. Seungchan Ko (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) A novel approach for wafer defect pattern classification based on topological data analysis (Announcement, Zoom)


26/10/2022 Dr. Jongmin Lee (KIAS) Nonparametric dimension reductions on Riemannian manifolds (Announcement, Zoom)


13/10/2022 Dr. Yonghyeon Lee (Seoul National Univ.) A Statistical Manifold Framework for Point Cloud Data (Announcement, Zoom)


6/10/2022 Prof. Youngjoon Hong (Sungkyunkwan Univ. (SKKU)) Recent development of scientific computing in deep learning (Announcement, Zoom)


5/10/2022 Prof. Yeonjong Shin (KAIST) Towards a mathematical understanding of Scientific Machine Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications (Announcement, Zoom)


28/9/2022 Prof. Jeong Han Kim (Chungbuk National Univ.) Deep Learning Applications to Higgs Physics (Announcement, Zoom)


7/9/2022 Dr. Heejong Bong (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Discovery of functional predictivity across brain regions from local field potentials (Announcement, Zoom)


24/8/2022 prof. Woojin Lee (Dongguk Univ.) Fairness in Machine Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


23/8/2022 prof. Sokbae Lee (Columbia Univ.) Fast and Robust Online Inference with Stochastic Gradient Descent via Random Scaling (Announcement, Zoom)


10/8/2022 Dr. Jongha Ryu (UCSD) Nearest neighbor density functional estimation from inverse Laplace transform (Announcement, Zoom)


27/7/2022 prof. Yung-Kyun Noh(Hanyang Univ.) Nearest Neighbor Density Functional Estimation from Inverse Laplace Transform (Announcement, Zoom)


13/7/2022 Dr. Joseph Ahn (Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology.) AI and the Liver: The application of AI and ML for Hepatology Research (Announcement, Zoom)


6/7/2022 Prof. Tongseok Lim (Purdue Univ.) Basic theory of optimal transport and its application to convexity principle for interacting gases (Announcement, Zoom)


22/6/2022 Dr. Jaewoong Choi (KIAS) Understanding the Semantic Property of Generative Adversarial Networks (Announcement, Zoom)


15/6/2022 Prof. Kee-Eung Kim (KAIST) OptiDICE for Offline Reinforcement Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


8/6/2022 Prof. Seyoung Yun (KAIST) Robust streaming PCA (Announcement, Zoom)


31/5/2022 Dr. Jaeyong Lee (KIAS) On deep learning approach to partial differential equations (Announcement, Zoom)


25/5/2022 Prof. Jay I Myung (Ohio State Univ.) Autonomous Adaptive Experimentation: How to Design Smarter Experiments (Announcement, Zoom)


18/5/2022 Prof. Tongseok Lim (Purdue Univ.) A survey on basic convex analysis, optimal transport, and their multi-marginal extension (Announcement, Zoom)


10/5/2022 Prof. Seoin Back (Sogang Univ.) Catalysts Discovery using Simulations and Machine Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


3/5/2022 Prof. Chulhee Yun (KAIST) Minibatch vs Local SGD with Shuffling: Tight Convergence Bounds and Beyond (Announcement, Zoom)


27/4/2022 Dr. Dongkyum Kim (IBS) Nonequilibrium statistical physics study using deep learning (Announcement, Zoom)


6/4/2022 Prof. Saerom park (Sungshin Univ.) Security-enhanced fair machine learning (Announcement, Zoom)


23/3/2022 Prof. Eun-Sol Kim (Hanyang Univ.) Compositional Concept Learning with Energy-based Methods (Announcement, Zoom)


16/3/2022 Dr. Jongha Ryu (UCSD) From Information Theory To Machine Learning Algorithms: Two Vignettes (Announcement, Zoom)


10/3/2022 Prof. Dohyun Kwon (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) Training Wasserstein generative adversarial networks without gradient penalties (Announcement, Zoom)


16/2/2022 Prof. Kyungwoo Song (Univ. of Seoul) Invariant Representation Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


9/2/2022 Dr. Heesun Choi (KAERI) Research progresses on the Physics-informed machine learning (PIML): strength,  current limitations, and future directions. (Announcement, Zoom)


22/12/2021 Prof. Taegeun Song (Kongju Univ.) Research progress report: toward annealing optimizer and weights trace (Announcement, Zoom)


• 8/12/2021 Dr. Ji Hyun Bak (UC San Francisco) Inference of behavioral and neural dynamics from neuroscience experiments (Announcement, Zoom)


• 17/11/2021 Dr. Soogine Chong (Alsemy) Neural compact models - Use of neural networks in semiconductor device modeling (Announcement, Zoom)


• 28/10/2021 Prof. Taehyun Kim (Hanyang Univ.) Self-supervision-based image/video restoration (Announcement, Zoom)


• 27/10/2021 Dr. Saehoon Kim (Kakao Brain) Recent advances of self-supervised visual representation learning (Announcement, Zoom)


• 19/10/2021 Prof. Jiwon Yoon (Korea Univ.) Privacy preserving machine learning using homomorphic encryption (Announcement, Zoom)


• 13/10/2021 Prof. Sungbin Lim (UNIST) Neural Bootstrapping Neural Processes and its Applications to Black-box Optimizations (Announcement, Zoom)


15/9/2021 Dr. Sungyoon Lee (KIAS) Lipschitz-Certifiable Training with a Tight Outer Bound (Announcement, Zoom)


8/9/2021 Sangwoong Yoon (Seoul National Univ.) Fixing a glitch in a 35-year-old machine learning algorithm (Announcement, Zoom)


1/9/2021 Prof. Jung Hoon Han (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) Fluctuation-dissipation Type Theorem in Stochastic Linear Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


25/8/2021 Prof. Cheongjae Jang (Hanyang Univ.) Riemannian Distortion Measures for Non-Euclidean Data (Announcement, Zoom)


28/7/2021 Prof. Seungryong Kim (Korea Univ.) Contrastive Learning for Pixel-level Representation and Correspondence (Announcement, Zoom)


21/7/2021 Prof. Jinhun Hamm (Tulane Univ.) Understanding Out-of-distribution Robustness of Machine Learning through Data Poisoning (Announcement, Zoom)


14/7/2021 Prof. Junghyo Jo (Seoul National Univ.) Scale-invariant representation of machine learning (Announcement, Zoom)


7/7/2021 Prof. Changha Hwang (Dankook Univ.) 인공지능 기반 디지털 헬스케어 (Announcement, Zoom)


30/6/2021 Prof. Yung-Kyun Noh (Hanyang Univ.) Physics-based Machine Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


16/6/2021 Dr. Hongkee Yoon (KAIST) Explainable AI (XAI) for scientific computing (Announcement, Zoom)


2/6/2021 Dr. Wonseok Hwang (Naver ClOVA AI) Spatial Dependency Parsing for Semi-Structured Document Information Extraction (Announcement, Zoom)


26/5/2021 Prof. Youngjung Uh (Yonsei Univ.) Self-supervised representation learning (Announcement, Zoom)


12/5/2021 Dr. Rak-Kyeong Seong (Samsung SDS) The Mathematics and Physics of Explainable AI (Announcement, Zoom)