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21/8/2024 Prof. Kyungwoo Song (Yonsei Univ.) TBA (Announcement, Zoom)


23/5/2024 Prof. Kyu-Hwan Lee (University of Connecticut) AI-assisted mathematical discovery: murmurations of elliptic curves (Announcement, Zoom)





22/5/2024 Prof. Jeongyeol Kwon (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) Foundations of Real-World Reinforcement Learning (Announcement, Zoom)


16/5/2024 Prof. Donghwan Kim (KAIST) How to make the gradient descent-ascent converge to local minimax optima (Announcement, Zoom)


3/4/2024 Dr. Namkyeong Cho (POSTECH) On the stability of Lipschitz continuous control problems and its application to reinforcement learning (Announcement, Zoom)


• 20/3/2024 Prof. Tian Han (Stevens Institute of Technology) Towards Expressive Hierarchical Generative Models  (Announcement, Zoom)


• 13/3/2024 Jaemoo Choi (Seoul National Univ.) TVarious Formulations of Optimal Transport Problems and Its Applicaion to Generative Modeling  (Announcement, Zoom)


• 6/3/2024 Dr. Junho Choi (KAIST) Can machine learcing methods be a game-changer in solving PDEs?  (Announcement, Zoom)


28/2/2024 Prof. Ernest Ryu (Seoul National Univ.)  In Deep Learning, What Should Mathematical Theory Look Like? (Announcement, Zoom)


20/2/2024 Prof. Sungbin Lim (Korea Univ.) Score-based Generative Models in Hilbert Spaces (Announcement, Zoom)


17/1/2024 Dr. Seong-woong Cho (SAARC)  Deep Learning for Advanced PDE Solvers and Operator Learing (Announcement, Zoom)


4/1/2024 Woojin Cho (Yonsei Univ.) Scientific Machine Learning: Solving Physical Problems with PINN and Neural Operators (Announcement, Zoom)


3/1/2024 Prof. Sungjoon Choi (Korea Univ.) Emerging Trends in Robotics: How can LLMs and Robotics be integrated? (Announcement, Zoom)