Mini-workshop on Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics

May 20, 2022   1F Seminar room, Building 8, KIAS 

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Recently, there has been tremendous progress in understanding topological phenomena, strong correlation physics, and magnetism in various forms of quantum materials. This ranges from development of new theoretical approaches for correlated electron systems to experimental and theoretical understanding of many 2D materials exhibiting topological phenomena and/or magnetism. The current min-workshop aims to bring the leading condensed matter physicists in these areas of research, and discuss recent progress as well as future perspective.




Invited Speakers


Suk Bum Chung (University of Seoul)
Seung-Sup Lee (Seoul National University)
Keun Su Kim (Yonsei University)
Jieun Lee (Seoul National University)
Youngkuk Kim (SungKyunKwan University)
Youngwook Kim (DGIST) 
Hyobin Yoo (Sogang University)






Gil Young Cho (POSTECH)

SungBin Lee (KAIST)

Eun-Gook Moon (KAIST)

Yong-Baek Kim (KIAS/Toronto)






JeongEun Yoon (KIAS) / (02-958-2560)