2019 2nd q-Day : q-series and related topics




2019 August 16 (Fri)                    KIAS 1423

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The aim of this one day meeting is providing a site to discuss recent developments of q-series and related topics

as well as encouraging interactions among q-series researchers in various backgrounds.

For this time, the meeting will concentrate on the interactions among physics,

topology/geometry and number theory with emphasizes on quantum aspect.



Invited Speakers

Byungmin Kang (KIAS)

Sungjay Lee (KIAS)

Subong Lim (Sungkyunkwan University)

Robert Osburn (University College Dublin)

Seokbeom Yoon (KIAS)



Youn-Seo Choi (KIAS)

Byungchan Kim (SeoulTech)