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Statistical mechanics provides a powerful tool for understanding macroscopic systems on the basis of microscopic laws governing the dynamics of their constituents. Its ever-increasing use is not limited to physical sciences but extends to as diverse subjects as biological and social sciences. This annual event is intended to provide graduate students and early-career scientists in statistical physics and related disciplines with the conceptual framework and analytical tools for advanced studies in statistical physics and interdisciplinary research.

Thematic focus of the 19th School is the Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena. 15 hours of lectures by three invited lecturers will be devoted to learn the fundamental concepts and the practical tools on the subject. The attending students will undertake a hands-on group project on the subjects, in order to make the School more engaging. Three lecture series (5 hours each) will be given under the tentative topics:
- Fundamentals of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (HP) 
- Renormalization Group 101 (JDN)
- Numerical Methods to Study Critical Phenomena

For pedagogical purpose, all the Lectures will be delivered in Korean.

School Lecturers
Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)
Jae Dong Noh (University of Seoul)
Dong-Hee Kim (GIST)


Kwang-Il Goh (Chair; Korea University; kgoh_at_korea_dot_ac_dot_kr)
Jaesung Lee (KIAS)
Cheol-Min Ghim (UNIST & APCTP)
Beom Jun Kim (SungKyunKwan University & KPS)


Nayoung Kim (nayoung.kim_at_apctp_dot_org)
JeongEun Yoon (avecyoon_at_kias_dot_re_dot_kr)


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