New Frontiers in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory

2 - 4 December, 2021 /  Grand Hyatt Incheon

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Gil Young Cho(Postech): 

Chern-Simons theory in Condensed Matter Systems and its implications


Dongmin Gang(SNU):

Physics and Mathematics of Chern-Simons Theory (From Quantum Hall effect to 3D-3D correspondence)


Tadashi Okazaki(KIAS):

Twisted M-theory and defects in QFTs


Jaewon Song(KAIST): TBA





Sunjin Choi (KIAS): Exact QFT duals of AdS black holes

Zhihao Duan (KIAS): TBA

Qiang Jia (KIAS):Aspects of 5d Seiberg-Witten Theories on S1

Byungmin Kang (KIAS): Simulating Quantum Field Theory using Classical Computer

Minsung Kim (postech) : Bootstrapping BPS spectra of 5d/6d field theories

Sungjun Kim (postech): Monopole deformations of 3d Seiberg-like dualities with adjoint matters

Yongchao Lu (KIAS): quantum curves of Minahan-Nemeschanky theories

Kaiwen Sun (KIAS): Flavored modular linear differential equations

Minyoung You (APCTP): Protected boundary modes of 1+1d fermionic phases

Xin Wang (KIAS): Wilson loops and topological strings

Junggi Yoon (APCTP): TBA