[ 2018 KIAS CMC Thematic Program I - 2 ]



International Workshop on


Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory


August 13-17, 2018                                  KIAS 1503


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This workshop continues the investigation of the interface between number theory, geometry, and physics started in last year’s workshop. Some of the themes covered include Hodge theory and physics, arithmetic of black holes, mirror symmetry, arithmetic of scattering amplitudes, arithmetic gauge theories, and modularity of BPS states. The number of physicists around the world interested in number theory seems to be steadily increasing as are the number of activities. Over the past year, the organiser MK has spoken at the mathematical physics seminar in Heidelberg, the mathematics and physics colloquium in Amsterdam, and two Simons conferences on string theory and number theory. The current activity at KIAS attempts to present a coherent view of many of the most recent developments and insights for the benefit of participants and speakers.


* No registration is required in advance. Interested participants may register on site.



     Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton)

     Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University)

     David Broadhurst (Open University)

     Alejandra Castro (UVA Amsterdam)

     Lance Dixon (Stanford)

     Hidekazu Furusho (Nagoya)

     Yvonne Geyer (IAS Princeton)

     Rajesh Gopakumar (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru)

     Shamit Kachru (Stanford)

     Albrecht Klemm (Bonn)

     Sungjay Lee (KIAS)

     Sunil Mukhi (IISER Pune)

     Erik Panzer (Oxford)

     Meng-Chwan Tan (National University of Singapore)

     Johannes Walcher (Heidelberg)

     Ingmar Saberi (Heidelberg)

     Stefan Weinzierl (Mainz)




     Minhyoung Kim

     Philip Candelas

     Xenia de la Ossa

     Francis Brown




     Da-eun Kim (dekim@kias.re.kr)