2024 International Workshop on

Function Theory, Operator Theory and Applications (FOA) 

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Mankunikuzhiyil Abhinand: Subnomality of block Toeplitz operators

Chafiq Benhida: Some quotients of geometrically regular weighted shifts

Cristina Camara: Paired operators and their kernels

Muneo Cho: On numerical ranges

Raul E. Curto: Circle companions of Hardy spaces of the unit disk

Dragan S. Djordjevic: Regularly varying functions

Bhagwati Duggal: Structure of m-symmetric operators with elementary operators as entries

Dorin Dutkay: The Fuglede conjecture and the momentum operator on a union of Intervals

Torsten Ehrhardt: Asymptotics of block Toeplitz determinants with piecewise continuous symbols

George Exner: Some results on geometrically regular weighted shifts

Masatoshi Fujii: A log-majorization by grand Furuta inequality

Caixing Gu: A classification of invariant subspaces of L2(Tn) and L2(Rn)

Robin E. Harte: On the mixed identity for normed modules

Isao Ishikawa: Koopman operators with intrinsic observables in rigged reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces

Palle Jorgensen: Multivariable operator theory and analysis of fractals

Il Bong Jung: Lifting B-subnormal operators

Hyun Kwon: The Gohberg-Sigal theory and eigenvalues of the Laplacian

Shuabing Luo: sub-Bergman Hilbert spaces on the unit disk

Thankarajan Prasad: Theory of some classes of operators related to subnormal operators

Marek Ptak: Conjugations commuting with unitary operators

Michio Seto: Fock space approach to the theory of kernel functions

Myung-Sin Song: Conditional mean embedding and optimal feature selection via positive definite kernels

Seok-Zun Song: Linear operators that preserve perimeters of completely positive Boolean matrices

Masato Tanaka: Solvable discrete quantum groups

Jasang Yoon: Square root problems of bounded operators