KSCV  Workshop  #24


2018.12.6-8                        KIAS 8101

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Chong-kyu Han (SNU)

Title: Pfaffian equation with constraints

Abstract: We discuss some formal theory of over-determined systems of partial differential equations; the involutivity and the integrability by means of prolongation of constrained Pfaffian systems. Then we prove a generalization of the Frobenius theorem. As possible applications we present several open problems that arise from complex analysis, differential geometry and control theory.



1. Chong-Kyu Han, Generalizations of the Frobenius theorem on involutivity, J. Korean Math. Soc. 46 (2009) 1087--1103

2. Chong-Kyu Han and Hyeseon Kim, Invariant submanifolds for affine control systems, arXiv 1801.00072

3. Kuerak Chung and Chong-Kyu Han, Nullity of the Levi-form and the associaed subvarieties for pseudo-convex CR structures of hypersurface type, arXiv 1802.02294




Aeryeong Seo (KIAS)

Title: Homogeneous Siegel domain

Abstract: Every bounded homogeneous domain in the Euclidean space can be realized as a homogeneous Siegel domain of the second kind. These domains are intensively studied by Piatetskii-Shapiro, Gindikin, Dorfmeister, D'Atri and other mathematicians from 1960's to 1980's. In this series talk I will present basic properties of homogeneous Siegel domains and Lie algebra structures of the automorphism groups.



1. Pyateskii-Shapiro, I. I., Automorphic functions and the geometry of classical domains, Translated from the Russian. Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol. 8 Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, New York-London-Paris 1969 viii+264 pp.

2. Kaneyuki, Soji, Homogeneous bounded domains and Siegel domains, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 241. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York, 1971. v+89 pp.




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