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Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Complex Systems


The 10th Conference on Statistical Physics



22 July - 25 July, 2024 

Rm.1503(5F), KIAS




♦ KIAS Conference


The conference is the 10th one of the biannual KIAS conferences on statistical physics since 2004. It aims to present new ideas in statistical physics and related fields and to facilitate scientific exchange and collaboration among leading scientists as well as students and postdocs. Please note that the NSPCS2020 was skipped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information on the past conferences can be found in the tab named Links.




♦ Topics include


nonequilibrium fluctuations and transport, stochastic thermodynamics, active matter, quantum information/thermodynamics, stochastic resetting, synchronization, bio-related problems, data science and machine learning, and more....




♦ Important dates


21 June, 2024 - Deadline of abstract submission

28 June, 2024 - Deadline of abstract submission for poster presentation

28 June, 2024 - Deadline of registration and registration fee payment 

Online registration is closed.



♦ Invited Speakers



Yongjoo Baek (SNU)

David Mukamel (Weizmann) 

Kay Brandner (Nottingham)

Satya Majumdar (Orsay) 

Étienne Fodor (Luxembourg)

Jae Dong Noh (UOS) 

Shamik Gupta (TIFR) 

Ignacio Pagonabarraga (Barcelona)

Hyunsuk Hong (Jeonbuk)

Arnab Pal (IMSc)

Sosuke Ito (Tokyo)

Haitao Quan (Beijing)

Hawoong Jeong (KAIST)

Keiji Saito (Kyoto)

Hyukjoon Kwon (KIAS)

Leihan Tang (Westlake

Jae Sung Lee (KIAS)










♦ Organizers


Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)

Jae Sung Lee (KIAS)

Jae Dong Noh (UOS)

Yongjoo Baek (SNU) 

David Mukamel (Weizmann) 

Satya Majumdar (Orsay)




♦ Host


Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)




♦ Inquiry


Aeri Ryu(KIAS) / arryu20@kias.re.kr