Physical Mathematics and Beyond

the 2nd workshop                                         




6.17 - 6.19, 2024                                                  KIAS 1503

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  In "Physical Mathematics and Beyond - the second workshop", we aim to invite active scholars in the fields of mathematics that are related to physics, from Korea and from overseas. The speakers will share recent developments, and may also give reviews of well known results, in order to facilitate the understanding of the broad audience from diverse backgrounds, especially the younger generation. We provide ample time for discussion between the talks. We hope that this will be a stimulating experience for all participants.

  The relevant topics of the talks and discussions include, but are not restricted to, representation theory and categorification of quantum groups, differential graded algebras and manifolds, cluster algebras and varieties, mathematical aspects of quantum field theory, mirror symmetry, and various other topics in quantum geometry.





Michel van Garrel

University of Birmingham


You Qi

University of Virginia


Chul-hee Lee

June E Huh Center for Mathematical Challenges, Korea Institute for Advanced Study


Kyungyong Lee

The University of Alabama
(KIAS Scholar)


Wille Liu

Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica


Seokbong Seol

Korea Institute for Advanced Study


Philsang Yoo

Seoul National University





Hyun Kyu Kim

Korea Institute for Advanced Study




Korea Institute for Advanced Study(KIAS) 





Minju Kim ( )





Scam warning:

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