Physical Mathematics and Beyond

the 2nd workshop                                         




6.17 - 6.19, 2024                                                  KIAS 1503

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Everyday Lunch

   • Venue: Student Union Building, 2F Cafeteria

   • Time: 12:00~13:30

* Lunch Coupons will be provided at the reception desk. 

* If you visit the cafeteria after 1 PM, you may not be able to enjoy your desired menu or the food quality might be slightly compromised. Therefore, we recommend dining at the cafeteria before 1 PM.



Tuesday Banquet

   • Venue: Student Union Building, 4F 

   • Time: 17:30~19:30



Bldg.1 to Cafeteria

   1. Go downstairs to the 3rd floor of the main building(Bldg.1).

   2. Use the passageway that connects the buildings. Just go straight forward and if you see Woori-Bank, it means that you arrived at the student union building 3rd floor correctly.

   3. Go downstairs one more time. The cafeteria is one the 2nd floor of the student union building.


Lunch Coupon Usage

   •  You can pick up lunch coupons at the reception desk in front of the 1503 seminar room.

   •  These coupons can be used at the KIAS cafeteria only during lunch time (11:30~13:30).

   •  Today’s menu is displayed outside the cafeteria and each corner has different menu. Please choose one.

   •  Please put the lunch coupon inside the transparent  ticket box. Box location is different by Corners. (Please refer to the image)






Bus – 201, 273

   •  Get off at ‘KAIST /Hong-neung Elementary School’.

Metro – line no.1

   •  Get off at ‘Cheongnyangni’ or ‘Hoegi’ Station.

From Hoegi Station

   1. From exit No. 1, turn left and follow the sidewalk on the right until you reach the intersection and crosswalk.

   2. Cross the street and turn right.

   3.  Go straight until you see the bus stop.

   4. Take No.273 and get off at 'KAIST /Hong-neung Elementary School’.

From Cheongnyangni Station

   1. When you get out through exit No. 2, ignore the bus stop you see right away and follow the way without making turns until you see another bus stop.

   2. Take No. 201 and get off at 'Hong-neung Elementary School' bus stop.

   3. You will see KIAS(KAIST campus) across the street.




* How to get to KIAS :

* Public Transportation in Seoul: