QUC Winter School on Energy Frontier (HEP)

“Synergy with the Computing Frontier”


  2021.12.27-12.30   Hybrid Format School  

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  Collider: Doojin Kim (Texas A&M)

  ML-HEP, Projects ML: Bryan Ostdiek (Harvard U.)

  Jet: Andrew Larkoski (SLAC)

  Quantum Computer 1-4: Francesco Petruccione (U. KwaZulu)

  Quantum Computer 5-8: Daniel K. Park (Sungkyunkwan U.)

  ※ To participate in the hands-on sessions during the ML-HEP lectures, students should either download docker (see references) or set up their own python environments.



  Quantum Computer: Yonuk Chong (Quantum Information Researech Support Center, Sungkyunkwan U.)

  Collider: KC Kong (U. Kansas)

  Machine Learning: David Shih (Rutgers U.)



  Jet Physics:

    1) An Unorthodox Introduction to QCD   Link 

    2) Another Unorthodox Introduction to QCD and now Machine Learning   Link 


    Materials at the following Github repository   Link