NOVEMBER 14 - 18, 2022  l  5F Conference Hall

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Monday (Nov. 14)

Chong-Sun Chu: On a new model of black hole: Page curve and information

Kentaroh Yoshida: Chaotic instability in the BFSS matrix model

Seung-Joo Lee:  Physics of Infinite Complex Structure Limits

Eunwoo Lee: From giant gravitons to black holes

Christian Anthony Ferko: Root-TTbar Deformations

Hiroshi Itoyama: Irregular conformal/W block and flavor mass relations from the An-1 quiver matrix model

Yunfeng Jiang: Rational Q-system and Quiver Gauge Theory

Xin Gao:  Parameter constraints in building de-Sitter space in string theory

Asato Tsuchiya: The emergence of expanding space-time in the type IIB matrix model

Yongchao Lu: Seiberg-Witten integrability and quantum curves

Rui Sun: U-duality in Exceptional Field Theory


Tuesday (Nov.15)

Sungjay Lee: Classification of Fermionic Rational Conformal Field Theories Revisited

Dan Xie:  On classification of theories with eight supercharges

Meng-Chwan Tan: Topological-holomorphic N=4 gauge theory: From Langlands duality of holomorphic invariants to mirror symmetry of quasi-topological strings

Linfeng Li: Congruence subgroups and representations in modular bootstrap
Kaiwen Sun: 2d CFTs, Borcherds products and hyperbolization of affine Lie algebras

Jaewon Song: Supersymmetric Spectral Form Factor and Euclidean Black Holes

Heng-Yu Chen: Late Time Correlation Functions from Explicit dS3/CFT2 correspondence

Song He: Scattering amplitudes, Wilson loops and positive geometries

Kanghoon Lee: Quantum Gravity from Off-Shell Recursion Relation

Xin Wang: On Twisted Elliptic Genera

Qiang Jia: Holonomy saddles and 5d BPS quivers


Wednesday (Nov.16)

Takahiro Nishinaka: On the 3D reduction of 4D N=3 SCFTs

Minxin Huang: Modular Anomaly Equation for Schur Index of N=4 Super-Yang-Mills

Satoshi Yamaguchi: Non-invertible symmetries on the lattice

Ki-Hong Lee: Higgs, Coulomb, and Hall-Littlewood

Minsung Kim: Blowup equations for little string theories

Chiung Hwang: Dualities from dualities

Junggi Yoon: Does negative central charge always imply non-unitarity?

Yi Pang: recent progress on stringy alpha's corrections in 6 dimensions

Satoshi Iso: Entanglement generation and decoherence in relativistic quantum measurement

Lavneet Janagal: 3 dimensional Bose-Fermi duality in the non-relativistic limit

Norton Lee:  Defect in Gauge Theory and Quantum Hall States


Thursday (Nov.17)

Dongmin Gang: A novel class of 3D non-unitary TQFTs from rank 0 SCFTs

Yi-Nan Wang: Global structures of 3d QFTs from M-theory

Yu-Tin Huang: Geometric  approach to modular boot strap

Luis Apolo:  Lifting higher spin currents in symmetric product orbifold

Sunjin Choi: BPS cohomologies for black hole microstates

Xinan Zhou: Yangian symmetry in holographic correlators

Takeshi Morita: Constraints on Quantum mechanics through the uncertainty relations and their generalization

Yuta Hamada: Monopole-fermion scattering and varying Fock space

Dimitrios Giataganas: Chaotic strings and S-matrix factorization

Chen-Te Ma: Emergence of Kinematic Space from Quantum Modular Geometric Tensor

Friday (Nov.18)

Rak-Kyeong Seong:  Ypq-manifolds revisited

Heeyeon Kim: Partition functions of 5d supersymmetric gauge theories on 5-manifolds

Pei-Ming Ho: UV Physics in Hawking Radiation and Unruh Effect

Victor Jahnke:  Comments about holographic teleportation