The 6th KIAS School and Workshop on

Quantum Information and Thermodynamics

Dec. 7 - 10, 2022 ㅣ Seacloud Hotel, Busan

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Time table

7 Wednesday

Lecture 1: Seogjoo Jang, “Open system quantum dynamics and quantum estimation”   Lecture  1 
                 Chair: Hyunggyu Park


8 Thursday

Lecture 2: Dong-Hee Kim, “Many-body localization: fundamentals and selected topic”   Lecture  2 
                 Chair: Jae Sung Lee

Lecture 3: Hyukjoon Kwon, “Entanglement in quantum information theory”   Lecture  3 
                 Chair: Seogjoo Jang


9 Friday

Workshop Section 1: Chair: Jaegon Um

Talk 2: Jaewook Ahn, “Quantum computing with Rydberg atom graphs”


Workshop Section 2: Chair: Dong-Hee Kim

Talk 3: Chulan Kwon, “Thermodynamics of a quantum system srongly coupled to a thermostatted bath”   Talk  3 

Talk 4: Joonhyun Yeo, “Mean force Gibbs state and the steady state of quantum master equations”   Talk  4 


Workshop Section 3: Chair: Hyukjoon Kwon

Talk 5: Byung-Soo Choi, “Requirements of Quantum Error-Correction on Semiconductor Qubits”

Talk 6: Taegeun Song, “Machine learning as useful tools for the quantum systems: potential application for quantum information”



10 Saturday

Workshop Section 4: Chair: Chulan Kwon

Talk 7: Changbong Hyeon, “Fluctuations in radiative transitions”   Talk  7 

Talk 8: Youngrong Lim, “Probabilities of quantum circuits and computational complexity”