Workshop on Fields, Strings and Gravity



17-18 May 2018
#1503,  Conference Hall, Korea Institute for Advanced Study

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Time/Date Thursday, May. 17 Friday, May. 18








Review Talk I

Jaewon Song

Review Talk III

Kang Sin Choi




Break Break 




Review Talk II

Gil Young Cho

Review Talk IV

Kanghoon Lee




Lunch Lunch 




Afternoon Session I

Sciarappa, Hwang, Muraki

Afternoon Session III

Angus, Gwak, Gang




Break Break 




Afternoon Session II

Yeom, Basile, Bakhmatov

Afternoon Session IV

S.Park, Nosaka, K.K.Kim, Diaz






Review Talks 


May 17 (Thursday)

1. 10:00-11:00 Jaewon Song (KIAS) / Supersymmetric Renormalization Group Flow
2. 11:30-12:30 Gil Young Cho (POSTEC) / Topology, Anomaly, and Duality
May 18 (Friday)

1. 10:00-11:00 Kang Sin Choi (Ewha Womans Univ.) / Six dimensional SCFTs from F-theory
2. 11:30-12:30 Kanghoon Lee (IBS) / Introduction to Double Field Theory



Short Talks


1. Hiroyoshi Muraki (Sogang Univ.) : Dual Frobenius manifolds of minimal gravity on disk

2. Stephen Angus (Sogang Univ.) : Einstein Double Field Equations

3. Dongmin Gang (SNU) : IR symmetry enhancement for 3d cN=2 maxwell theories

4. Antonio Sciarappa (KIAS) : Wilson loops in 5d theories and S-duality

5. Tomoki Nosaka (KIAS) : The  Thouless time for mass-deformed SYK

6. Bogeun Gwak (Sejong Univ.) : Thermodynamics with Pressure and Volume in Charged AdS Black Hole

7. Kyung Kiu Kim (Sejong Univ.) : Holographic Entanglement Entropy in the Electric field

8. Sang-A Park (KIAS) : Scaling symmetry and black holes with one Killing field

9. Dong-han Yeom (APCTP) : Interior of black holes with holonomy corrections

10. Chiung Hwang (KIAS) : Holonomy Saddles and Supersymmetry

11. Ilya Bakhmatov (APCTP) : Classical Yang-Baxter equation from supergravity

12. Thomas Basile (KHU) : Partially Massless Higher-Spin Gravities at One Loop

13. Pablo Diaz (IBS) : Tensor and matrix models: a one-night stand or a lifetime romance?