The 20th KIAS-APCTP Winter School on Statistical Physics

Jan. 9 - 13, 2023  POSTECH

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전건상: Lecture Note[PDF] (version 20230110) : Project 1, Project 2

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이지우: Lecture Note [PDF] (version 20230110) : Projects <- Choose any of Term Project (pp. 33) and Exercise Sets (pp. 19, 25, 31) in the lecture note.


=== Lecture Video [Link] ===

=== Prerequisites for "Numerical Methods for quantum systems" ===
    - The students should prepare their own laptops for the lecture.
    - On the laptops, the students should install some software we need.
            1. Install Julia. []
                    It is recommended to install LTS (Long-term support) version. 
                    [Long-term support (LTS) release: v1.6.7 (July 19, 2022)]
                    To learn Julia language, an online book is available.
            2. Install Anaconda. []
                     Choose the right installer for your OS.
                     Anaconda is useful when we execute Julia programs in the Jupyter web interface.
                     Run Anaconda Navigator, and try to launch Jupyter Notebook in the menu "HOME".
            3. To connect Jupyter Notebook and Julia:
                     In the Julia shell (REPL),
                                   julia> using Pkg ; Pkg.add("IJulia")
                     This will enable Julia kernel in the Jupyter Notebook.
            4. If you have any questions, please contact