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[MON 11] 

1) Flacke Thomas - Searching for the footprints of composite Higgs models
2) Li Hsiang-nan - Dispersion relation for D meson mixing
3) Kyae Bumseok - Electroweak symmetry breaking by a neutral sector: Dynamical relaxation of the little hierarchy problem
4) Yamaguchi Masahide - Compact objects as the catalysts for vacuum decays
5) Chang We-Fu - Gauged Lepton Number and Implications for Collider Physics
6) Kwon O-Kab - Aspects of Janus ABJM Models with Mass Deformation
7) Popov - Radiative Dirac neutrino masses with $mathbb{Z}_4$ symmetry from $SU(3)_ctimes SU(2)_Ltimes U(1)_Ytimes U(1)_{B-L}$ gauge symmetry



[TUE 12]

1) Lu Cai-Dian - Search for new physics signal via doublly weak decays
2) Jung Sunghoon - Probing Dark Matter at LIGO and Beyond
3) Kim kyung kiu - Expanding Universe and Dynamical Compactification Using Yang-Mills Instantons
4) Leem JH - Calculation of B to D-star semileptonic decay form factors by lattice QCD 

5) Kadota K - Non-WIMP light dark matter talk
6) Tomar Gaurav - Sensitivities of Dark Matter direct detection experiments to effective WIMP-nucleus couplings 
7) Kang Sunghyun - WIMP scenarios for DAMA/Libra-phase2

     Kang Yoo-Jin - Beyond minimal gravity couplings and dark matter
8) Choi soomin - Unitarizing SIMP scenario with dark vector resonances

     Ro Tae Gyu - Flavor structure of leptoquark couplings in light of B-meson anomalies, muon g-2 and EDM           




[WED 13] 

1) Shafieloo Arman - Will Cosmic Gravitational Wave Sirens Determine the Hubble Constant?
2) Keeley R - Will Cosmic Gravitational Wave Sirens Determine the Hubble Constant?
3) Cho Kihyeon - Searches for dark matter with e+e- collider

4) Yun SeokHun - The resonant photon-ALP-dark photon oscillation and its implications. 



[THU 14]

1) Park Jae-hyeon - Higgs mass and vacuum stability with high-scale supersymmetry
2) Yang Yi - Gravitational Wave from Phase Transition by Holographic Correspondence
3) Moon Jeonghoon - Peta-Scale & Long Distance Data Transfer over KREONET for High Energy Physics as a Data Intensive Science
4) L'Huiller B - Model Independent Expansion History from Supernovae: Deviation from ΛCDM?

5) Kim Yoonbai - Detection of Pseudomagnetic Field in Curved Monolayer Graphene
6) Ying Li - Footprint of New Physics in b->c tau nu Transition

7) Wang Zhi-yong - Vector states above open charm threshold
8) Park Wanil - Baryogenesis in spiral inflation



[FRI 15]

1) Choi Ki-Young - Double axino production
2) Lee Hyun Min - Standard Model and inflation with Weyl symmetry
3) Lee Taejin - Four-Particle Scattering Amplitudes and Polyakov String Path Integral in the proper-time gauge
4) Mondal Tanmoy - Non-thermal dark matter with stable charged particles at LHC
5) Chen Junmou - On the Feynman rules of Massive Gauge Theory
6) Lee Seokcheon - Solve the inflation initial condition with negative Temperature



[SAT 16]

1) HE XIAO-GANG - Enlighten Dark Photon with Kinetic Mixing
2) Kim Jihn E. - Fundamentals in weak CP violations